Services we provide

Freelance Models

We are recruiting freelance models to prepare and groom them to meet the highest possible international standards.

Models need a very trusting and safe environment as well as an individually tailored development program to prepare them in their chosen career path.


We are recruiting influencers to provide them access to the best Online shopping services.  We will also help them to raise their profile by promoting their social platforms and to guide them to promote an exclusive range of products.  Our members will earn a higher rate of commission  and back-end sales than most other service providers.

Global Online Shopping Service

We have just launched our online shop platform.  We aim to supply a wide range of high quality fashion, fitness programs and health & beauty products.  These products are supplied by our members and will be sold exclusively on our platforms

Social Platforms

Social platforms are by far the most effective way of raising your profile.  It is also the only way to promote your services and to have an influence in the international market place.

Our programs are designed to provide our members gain maximum international exposure.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We are recruiting aspiring young entrepreneurs to establish their own fashion labels, fitness programs & eBooks and a range of health & beauty products which will be sold exclusively on our Online Shop platform.

We will assist them with the setting of the business and to provide them access to the global markets.

Global IGTV Channel

We will soon be launching our own IGTV Channel where our models and influencers will contribute high quality, informative and entertaining videos to the public.  We have the potential to reach out to over 50 million of our member's followers to promote our members and our platforms.