About Us

Global Models Network

We are an emerging online model network helping aspiring young freelance models, social media influencers and various health service providers to set up their business, raise their profile, access the global markets and to provide them with multiple income streams. 

We provide a caring and respectful environment as we are part of a global business network servicing the fashion, fitness, health & beauty  industry.

Our models will be sourced from all part of the world which will provide greater access and a higher international profile.

Alan Stewart, a professional accountant, specializing in international business development with over 25 years experience is based in Brisbane, Australia  and we are well qualified to meet your need

We are doing this differently and with the opportunities available through the internet we can reach a worldwide market instead of just the local market.

This is a unique opportunity for all aspiring models, as well as established models, to join us in this exciting venture.

Become a foundation member of our team and let us fulfil your wildest dreams.

Affiliate Membership for Freelance Models and Influencers.

We also cater for those models who prefer to conduct their professional model career on a freelance basis.  We respect that because they need to be in control of their business but they still need to understand the business side of things to maximise their potential.

We have seen many models being used and abused as this is a ruthless industry to be involved in.

So we are now recruiting those models wishing to continue their career as a freelance model and to assist them to raise their international profile and to introduce them to many other programs which will generate additional multiple income str.

So why don't you become an Affiliate Member where we will guide you to manage your business and introduce you to the many opportunities that you would never had thought of.

We welcome all enquiries and look forward to helping you with your professional career.  There are no obligations.